Alvaro Bautista Mosaic Poster (A1 Size)

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In a determined effort to put my Alvaro-related picture library (or “The Stash” as it is known in these parts…) to some good use, I’ve made one of those cool Mosaic posters, where you create a single (or apparently single) large image out of a vast quantity of smaller images.
In my initial experiments I found that shots in the box and ones that involved too much general detail didn’t really work out and that a cleaner, simpler image with a dulled-off background and a distinct foreground image worked out best by far.
So the result is an image of Alvaro leaning it in – from one of the Aspar Team’s excellent high resolution race images – made up of some 7,396 tiles comprising 2,685 individual pictures from Alvaro’s entire career, Talavera de la Reina, and other random Bati-related pics such as helmets on eBay etc!
The result, as shown above, is now available as a huuuuuuuuuuuuge high-resolution file that will gladly print out at A1 size (and probably even A0) and is a special Christmas prezzie for all the members of the Avaro Bautista Fan Forum and which you can get by clicking here… (*Members Only)

Enjoy 🙂

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