Trouble In Paradise…

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Sadly, following on from the good news regarding Alvaro’s new partnership with MTECH, there’s some worrying sounds from Talavera tonight, with news coming out that the Peña is being dissolved in just over a month.
Apparently the board / Directiva did not stand for re-election at what we believe to be the last AGM and therefore there is a new managing board in place that seems to have a mission to dissolve the Peña.
The story, broken by news agency EFE, can be found here…

It appears that the root of all this is the company that owns Alvaro’s image rights – although news releases make it unclear what explicitly this may refer to in terms of the Peña (or the name of the company / rights holder), as the fanclub already produce kit with Alvaro’s mascot on it, “19” pin badges and who use plenty of official photos on the site.
I certainly know Alvaro’s name (in full) to be a registered trademark, and as far as I know the t-shirts that you can buy in Talavera and through distributors which feature Alvaro’s ‘wordmark’ logo / logotype of his name and various mascot designs have nothing to do with the Peña and would most liekly be fully licensed products.

Reports suggest that tensions and confrontation between the company and the Peña are what have brought us to this point.
The reports also suggest a new fanclub will emerge, but it seems a very great shame for such an apparent impasse to be reached and for such drastic steps to be taken.

I’ve met the Directiva from the Peña at last year’s summer party and winter Cena, and they’re excellent lovely people, utterly devoted to Alvaro and his career – Miguel Angel Rodriguez (the president) and also Ricardo, Fausto, Miguel Angel del Pino Martinez, and all the others… and I hope very much that things move on or are somehow resolved amicably.

I will always support Alvaro, and I’m sure those who’ve been around him for far, far longer feel the exact same kind of devotion – it’s sad and upsetting when news of this sort gets in the way of that kind of devoted and good natured support.
I’ll aim to bring more news of what’s going on as things progress and as we hear more detail on what is happening, as at the moment it’s not 100% clear and so it would be unwise to speculate much further.

For now, we just keep our fingers crossed…

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