More News On The Peña Dissolution

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Well, slightly more promising news on the Peña / Fanclub front… The latest news from Spain suggests there’s an upcoming meeting been called which will lay the foundations for a ‘Fan Club’ to replace the Peña, and it seems likely that the current Directiva (or most of them – detail is not perfect) will remain in place.

Whilst the demise of the Peña in its present form remains a cause for sadness, the fact that things seem to being setup to move ofrward on a different footing (it is, for instance, inconceivable that this would be happening without substantial progress in addressing the issues with the company that holds Alvaro’s image rights) at least it sounds like the guys who have been responsible for such a brilliant fan club so far will be there to look after the new incarnation of it too.

Again, we’re sure this isn’t by any means the final word, so we’ll continue to bring you news as more details and information emerge.

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