Alvaro Bautista Fan’s Club Launch Party 21_03_09

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Alvaro meets his new Diablo mascot

The presentation of the new Directiva

Fan’s Club president Julio César Mendoza with the mascot

Mahou & tapas at the Bar Los Tinajones, 11pm Saturday
Had an excellent time with Michaela on the mad “daytrip” to Talavera de la Reina for Bati’s new Fan’s Club launch party….
Lots of sun, tapas, cold beer, meeting with old and new friends – and even a late night trip to the Bar Los Tinajones (it’d be criminal NOT to go there!)

It was excellent to get to meet the new Directiva (though they were extremely busy and we’ll have to wait till next time for a nice long chat I guess…) and to be back in the friendliest, most special little place I know. (It wins hands down over London!)
It was totally worth the exhaustion and rush to go do this trip. A really happy time – and it was fantastic to be there on such an important day for Alvaro, his Fan’s Club and his fans. Siempre contigo, Alvaro…

Oh, and for any of you who are members of the new Fan’s Club, the shirts for this year are nice red polo shirts with printed logos on front, back and sleeves. This includes a large ’19’ and Fan’s Club logo on the back and the club badge, Mapfre sponsor panel and Talavera Se Mueve logo on the front.

Hola, Gracias y Saludos:
Alvaro y Noelia, Susana y Javier, Armando, Julio, David y la nueva Directiva, José, Juanjo, Miguel, nuestros amigos en el Bar Los Tinajones, y muchos otros.
Y tambien, Xaiver y Toni…. (Encantado).

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