NOT the MotoGP News: Portuguese GP, main race

 In NOT The MotoGP News

Seconds out, round two…. errrrr one, but day 2!

So here we were/are, back on a full-phat race.  24 laps at one of the best circuits in the world.  At last it’s a chance to get to grips with the track (see what we did there?).  A chance for all of us to see what the riders can do when they stretch their metaphorical legs.  Unless, of course, you’re Marc Marquez or home fave, Miguel Oliveira.

At first Oliveira had a great race.  Great start into first place with a bun fight behind him.  ‘Twas not to last though.  Now a star of TV and film, Marc Marquez thought he heard someone shout “Cut!”, and off he tumbled on lap 3 taking Oliveira with him.  Now that’s how you win friends and influence them.

Pecco Basmati had taken the lead on lap 2 and was happy to stay there for the rest of the race.  Surprised you say?  Really?  A brilliant rider on the best bike, and you’re surprised?  He won yesterday and he won today; give him the title now.  In the style of Matt Birt, he is Impeccable Pecco (Good god, what are you doing?!?! – Ed).

The crash/incident* on lap 3 promoted Top Bum Mav into second place.  To be honest, down in the bunker, this made us smile.  Yes, we know he’s as fragile as a Hollywood ego, but there’s something about him doing well that makes us happy.  The very same incident demoted Jorge Martin to 15th.  There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip as they say.

Meanwhile the faster of the two Marquez brothers, Alex was showing why he has that reputation; his move to Gresini Ducati has shown what we have known for years, and it has certainly rejuvenated his fortunes (Guy, you’ve just broken the irony meter – Ed).  So far up the front, he probably suffered an altitude nosebleed causing him to slip back a little as the race progressed.  His teammate Digi,though is in trouble already.  Retired from this race, but his form from last year isn’t inspiring to say the least.  Nice guy but wrong place, wrong time?

Miller The Married and his southern hemisphere teammate, Brad The Teeth put on the kind of show normally reserved for contract negotiating time. Miller was up the front from the get-go, and Brad got his teeth into the race and was soon up there too, eventually passing Jackeroo for 6th at the flag.

Quietest rider of the day?  A toss-up between Bez and Quat.  Bez finished third.  On last year’s Ducati.  That’s brilliant, but he was marooned in third for two thirds of the race.  Happy boss though no doubt.  Quat had a sluggish start and first half of the race, but you can’t keep a good man down and somehow, he fought to finish 8th.  His teammate though…….. oh dear.  WSBK?

Two late tumbles; Marini on lap 22 and Raul F on lap 24.

Oh, and if you’re having a rider of the day thoughts; then do consider Zarco, who was on fire on Sunday  not unlike Paris.

*delete as appropriate



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